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Jessica is amazing, the way I feel after a zoning cannot be truly expressed in a few sentences, its an experience you must have for yourself. After my first zone my hormones balanced out – even after the doctors told me I was in menopause. Another experience after a surgery I was left with no feeling in my big toe – during the zone I felt electrical zaps while Jessica was working with my toe – I now have feeling back. Both experiences are incredibly changes zoning has done for me. Foot Zoning is an incredible healing modality both physically and emotionally. After every foot zone session, I am relaxed, empowered, and balanced. I look forward to my monthly Zones.
~Dorraine W.


When I was introduced to Jessica Nowakowski, I did not know anything about “Foot Zone Therapy”, but I felt I needed it due to a genetic problem with my feet. Jessica’s therapeutic skills, education, intuition, and heart of gold comes through in every session! Jessica also incorporates essential oils that are very specific to my condition. Since our feet are our body’s foundation, you need to contact Jessica!
~Rosanne M.


As a busy, working mother, with active young boys, life can often get a little overwhelming. A Foot Zone with Jessica, is always just what I need to lessen the chaos and get centered. Jessica’s welcoming, calming energy, immediately relaxes me. Her innate ability to connect with others, and her genuine love of helping and healing others is what makes the experience top notch. I always walk away feeling refreshed, centered, and looking forward to the next experience.


I always look forward to my foot zones with Jessica. If I’m tired, I leave energized; if I’m stressed, I leave relaxed. Not only does it feel like an absolute treat to the feet, Jessica’s foot zones help you in working through things physically, emotionally, and on all levels. I find lasting benefits from my regular foot zones with Jessica. She makes you feel very comfortable, and is extremely intuitive and sensitive to what one needs as they walk into her studio. I will continue working with Jessica and I highly recommend her!


Jessica is a gifted and natural healer. She creates an environment where I feel relaxed enough to rest if I need to or she listens, offering guidance towards a higher vision for the coming week.
Her Foot Zone is some kind of magic that is infinitely better than any spa treatment I’ve experienced. I walk away feeling that I’ve allowed myself some quality self-care that lasts well beyond the hour. Some benefits are noticeable immediately, like the headache that’s vanished. Others unfold in the days after, I’m more gentle with myself, allowing strong emotions to well up and pass through. I am speaking up and communicating better, I am making better choices with my time and energy.
I would choose a Foot Zone over any other treatment offered. It addresses the body, mind and spirit leaving you balanced, centered and ready to jump back in to life.